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National stringed instrument Academy

If you would like to find out the stringed instrument quickly and easily…
If you would like to feature additional ‘musicality’ to your stringed instrument playing…
If you would like to be able to categorical yourself through music…
If you would like to grasp ‘how everything fits together’ within the stringed instrument world…
If you’ve been floundering on YouTube observation random videos…
Or if you’re a songster or band-member trying to find new ideas and inspiration…
…then you’re within the right place!

National stringed instrument Academy

I’ve been enjoying and teaching the stringed instrument for over twenty years and thru tens of thousands of hours of teaching students such as you, I’ve learned what gets results quick.

My stringed instrument tutorials can assist you learn the stringed instrument as quickly as potential and with the minimum quantity of frustration.

I’ll teach you the way to play confidently and nice technique. You’ll find out how to play exciting rhythm, bass and lead stringed instrument and the way to jam and improvise with different musicians. (If you’re interested, I’ll conjointly teach you the way to write down nice songs.)

‘Sounds good! however am i able to get started?’
Well first off, dump YouTube. There’s loads of nice guitarists on YouTube, however only a few nice stringed instrument academics on YouTube. (Being an honest musician and being an honest stringed instrument teacher ar 2 whole various things. Trust me, I own a stringed instrument teaching business and have seen this first-hand.)

I own the metropolis stringed instrument Academy (a UK-based stringed instrument school), we’ve got twelve academics on our team and teach over two hundred students. We’ve got tons of cool data and skills in our team and my aim is to share them with you.

Why not learn the most effective stringed instrument tricks from those that teach stringed instrument for a living? If you have got a stringed instrument and a web affiliation then you have got everything you would like to urge started.

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Meet electro-acoustic transducer Kennedy, The founding father of the National stringed instrument Academy

Yes, I’ve had a haircut since the above pictures were taken! 🙂

My name is electro-acoustic transducer Kennedy and I’m a stringed instrument teacher, blogger and enterpriser from the united kingdom.

I was ne’er musical as a child. My favorite subjects at school were English and French (I love languages!), and that i was celebrated to be a small amount of geek UN agency preferred solely 2 things: soccer and video games.

But my life modified forever once a fan brought a stringed instrument to my house once I was sixteen. He vie a number of chords that he’d learned and that i gave it a strive too. I instantly preferred it.

I ne’er very had a medium that I may use to specific myself. I didn’t knowledge to draw or paint or write poetry, thus I simply assumed that I wasn’t an explicit person. however with the stringed instrument I may craft stories and express emotion easier than ever before.

I was hooked!

Over the approaching months I vie such a lot that my fingers bled (literally!) and that i turned from being the smallest amount inventive person I knew into somebody UN agency may play songs they detected on TV or the radio and somebody UN agency may write their own songs.

I may cloud nine out with my guitar (the most quiet factor within the world) or kick out a grimy riff with my guitar through a cranked amp. it absolutely was heaven! (And y’know what? It still is. twenty years later, I still adore it the maximum amount. In fact, i like it EVEN additional. Learning to play the stringed instrument is like nothing else I’ve ever done. It’s a womb-to-tomb gift.)